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About Carrie

A History of Love and Passion for Baking

My love for baking goes back to my childhood visits to our family farm. I would sit in the kitchen while my grandmother baked treats for the farm hands. As I grew older, my mother, Patti, always had baked goods around the house and I would watch and help her bake for friends and family.

As an adult, I brought those traditions into my own home and began experimenting with more unique recipes. Eventually, friends and coworkers began requesting my baked goods for special events in their lives.


Today, I take pride in using high quality ingredients, hand picked and locally sourced fruits, and sustainable food practices. I bake with honey harvested from our own apiary and incorporate local farm to table practices in the creation of our exquisite dessert

"I pride myself in baking high quality products. I use honey from our own apiary. Incorporating local farm to table practices into our exquisite desserts is important to me."
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